Executive, Director, Manager, Producer

Executive, Director, Manager, Producer

Executive, Director, Manager, Producer
Executive 2022
TWIN MONOLITH, LLC – Huntington Beach, CA1999 – Present
  • Liaison with all corporate and celebrity clients to design and complete projects
  • Incubate film projects from script finalization to production
  • Develop and write corporate bylaws and code of conduct for celebrity entertainment groups
  • Career manage talent through key phases of expansion
  • Continue to create and develop properties for film and television

Founder / GM / CTO
Eymerce LLC – Playa Vista, CA2016 – 2017
  • Co-Founded immersive VR company to host 210-degree surround theater technology.
  • Developed original business model and business plan.
  • Designed new VR media server pipeline plus custom image server protocol.
  • Wrote all technical documentation for relevant technologies and patents.

Founder / CEO / CTO
Zero G Games, Inc. – Costa Mesa, CA2004 – 2013
  • Co-Founded and ran daily operations for 25-30 employee company.
  • The company consisted of two offices in Los Angeles and Costa Mesa.
  • Negotiated all major deals with fortune 1000 clients such as EA, Yahoo, Atari, Marvel, and Ty Toys.
  • Led three partners through all areas of corporate expansion, and client acquisition.
  • Spread brand awareness throughout the industry to expand client base.
  • Performed the duties of CTO guiding all internal technology development.
  • Taught internal courses on artistic scenario, game design, and storytelling.

Founder / CEO
HiRez Games, Inc. – Costa Mesa, CA2010 – 2015
  • Designed video game ZombieBash
  • Raised angel funds to complete game development and publishing
  • Released on Android, iOS, and Facebook (Flash)

Director of Front End Development
Electronic Arts – Redwood Shores, CA1999 – 2002
  • Managed web developers for the product community websites.
  • Managed operations of 55-member team of managers, producers, engineers, artists, and editors.
  • Managed division creating an online gaming network to support casual, PC and console games for matchmaking, leaderboard, and room level game play.
  • Managed divisions creating all package goods websites for EA Games, EA Sports, and EA BIG franchises.
  • Supported web operations for Sims Online, Motor City Online, and Earth and Beyond.
  • Negotiated long-term deal between EA and Apple Computer starting with Steve Jobs.
  • Routinely communicated with VP and CEO layers as to overall strategies.
  • Held monthly department-wide meetings to review accomplishments, strategies, and awarded progress.
  • Taught several internal Internet courses to educate executive staff as well as hundreds of employees.