I have lectured at universities such as Berkeley, UC Irvine, Chapman, and Gnomon school of Film and Television. I cover a wide range of subjects for students looking for the real details on how to enter the world of virtual reality, film, and video games. Here are a few of my lecturing areas:

Getting into the Video Game Business

This lecture covers all points of entry from basic technical support to advanced levels of game design, producing, and artist. I leverage my 25 years of experience in the industry to help students choose the right classes within a college to ensure they use their talents in the most power places. I cover what it is like to create a video game for two years and cover not only the mechanical logistics of the positions but the psychological stages that a team endures over long projects.

The Chemistry of Game Design

This lecture focuses on how the mind operates in relation to experiencing a story. Game design is anything but a trivial endeavor. I cover the hidden secrets of great level design along with the neural chemistry that is required within the brain to realize each peek and valley of the experience. The first half of the lecture focuses on the basics of the mind and is guaranteed to change the students perspective on the world for a lifetime. Next we integrate this new information directly into pacing level design using real-world games.


I have been a screenwriter for over 20 years and professionally for 12. I have developed a solid system for organizing ones thoughts and getting a full script complete in four to six months depending on the story. I integrate the teachings of Robert McKee and point the students in valuable directions to self-educate once college is complete.

Entering the Film Industry

I cover many of the opportunities that are available to students of film and television using the college’s current class materials. I work through the individual goals of the typical student and hone their notions from dreams directly to reality. We dispel myths of the industry and replace them with tracks of hard work and determination with solid paths to mitigate the average two plus year projects.