TRON 3 Screenplay

This is my version of what TRON 3 could have been. I wrote this to be a direct sequel to TRON Legacy taking off from where Sam and Quorra exited the grid and started a life together. I designed this for fans of the original TRON 1982 as well as TRON Legacy fans. I’m a 25 year vet of the video game industry and got into game development due to the original TRON.

The Story

Sam Flynn takes the helm of ENCOM returning it back to its gaming roots. He also debuts the laser tech to the world after 40 years of development. During a celebration, Quorra suffers a massive injury and is forced back into the Grid. Moments later Sam discovers the existence of the MASTER CONTROL PROGRAM (MCP) that was hidden from him according to his father’s wishes. After receiving a message from his father not to come in, Sam has to go in.

This is NOT the script that was written and canceled by Disney Studios. I do not believe that TRON 3 will ever be made. I think it will be potentially rebooted at a future time.