Web Developer / Architect Resume


Capturing the initial vision and goal of the solution is one of the most incredible phases of development. Not only meeting with the client, but augmenting their vision with technical advances that were previously not understood.


Great architecture accounts for the long-term goal of infinite scalability. From the interface design to the back-end database design, every solution I create lasts for the life of the company or until the requirements change drastically.


Choosing the correct platform for a particular solution is vital. With emerging technologies driving up the costs of development pipelines and staff wages, working with tried and true technologies is critical for successful development.

I was fortunate to begin my career at the age of 18 helping to develop what is now known as TurboTax. I am currently developing Kotlin Android apps to run on industrial handhelds. I have a wide range of programming projects in my portfolio from low-level languages, to standard web, database, and UI development, to micro-controllers inside specialized wearables, to mobile Android and iOS devices.

Architect, Engineer, UI Designer
Architect 2022
Designer / Artist
TWIN MONOLITH, LLC - Huntington Beach, CA1999 – Present
  • Android Kotlin Developer: 2022-2023, creating Kotlin Data Binding apps for FAA certified production containers. Apps include barcode scanners, hardware cradle buttons, Laravel PHP API using Panasonic and ZEBRA handheld units.
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed custom web apps for CSULB.
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed custom UNIX platform “LAVA.”
  • Micro-Controller / C: Developed Lumativ LED hat kernel using Microchip microcontrollers.
  • Objective-C / C: Developed Lumativ LED hat iOS iPad simulator to test microcontroller code.
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed game services for ZombieBash video game.
  • WordPress: Customized dozens of websites using the WP platform.
  • ActionScript: Developed Time Warner video games for TVHead.
Sales Engineer
Silicon Core Technologies2018-2019
  • PHP: Created a custom calculator to estimate LED screen costs based on models and screen size.
  • PHP: Created a custom application to handle advanced fulfillment requests for all sales staff and manufacturing.
Co-Founder / 3D Artist / Video Editor
Eymerce, LLC. - Playa Vista, CA2016 – 2017
  • PHP / JQuery: Developed custom calculator for LED screen construction estimates.
  • Python / Blender 3D Animation: Created custom animations.
  • WordPress: Created company websites.
Designer / Artist
Zero G Games, Inc. - Huntington Beach, CA2005 – 2015
  • ActionScript: Developed custom platform for Yahoo Games.
  • ActionScript: Developed front-end platform for Atari Games.com.
  • ActionScript / LAMP / Hardware: Designed and architected online music studio for LL Cool J.
  • ActionScript: Programmed several causal games for various clients.
Director of Front End Development / Artist / Game Designer
Electronic Arts - Redwood Shores, CA1999 - 2002
  • Java / JSP / ORACLE: Chief architect of EA.com.
  • JavaScript: Developed several JavaScript front-end components for EA.com.
  • Java / JSP: Developed JSP website for Earth & Beyond MMO for Westwood Studios.
  • SQL: Refined bug database reporting system for all QA members.
  • Designed custom CMS tools for EA.com to handle multiple brand publishing.
  • Taught several Internet programming courses.
Sr. Engineer
Talk City / Liveworld1997 - 1999
  • Perl: Created wizards that generated Java applet rooms for chat services.
  • Perl: Created custom forums for customers using thread-based design.
  • Perl: Created a custom Personal Ad system for clients.
Sr. Engineer
Blyth Software, Inc.1995 - 1997
  • Created the first internet-enabled plugins:
  • Web server using TCP-based socket management system.
  • Web client API that queried a number of existing scripts to mine data into existing database applications.
  • Full email application with enclosures using POP3 protocol.
  • Full FTP application identical to today's Panic Transmit.
  • Created code tutorial application "Sourcerer" that educated developers on how to use the OMNIS database package through a tutorial interface with immediate sample code that could be cut and pasted into an existing application.
  • Created the call-tracking database used in the Technical Support department called IGOR.
  • Taught UI class to corporate clients.
Database Developer
Raytheon1994 - 1995
  • Developed ISO-9000 factory floor database
Database Engineer
Syntex / Rouche Pharmaceutical1993 - 1994
  • Developed drug inception application for master chemists to speed up drug development and these clinical studies schedules.
  • Developed Clinical Studies application with large team of coders.
Founder / Engineer
STIMULUS Software1993-1997
  • Created GUI Designer product for fortune 1000 database clients.
  • Allowed developers to centralize all UI standards.
  • Allowed a database engineer all their window interfaces with a single click of a button.
  • The product handled text label and field alignment as well as 3D grouting and button icon placement including color assignments.
Sr. Tech Support Rep
Blyth Software1991 - 1993
  • Handled senior clients to assist in developing high-end solutions.
  • Developed a call-tracking database that eventually evolved into IGOR.
  • Developed cutting-edge innovations using the first BETAs of QuickTime for trade show presentations.
  • Taught UI class to corporate clients.
Sr. Engineer
SoftView, Inc.1987 - 1991
  • Fifth developer on what is now known as TurboTax.
  • Joined as Tech Support representative.
  • Within three months, migrated to form development in custom language.
  • Illustrated all printer and screen fonts.
  • Illustrated product icons.
  • Developed first prototype of what is now known as the EasyStep tax interview process.