Architect, Engineer, UI Designer

Architect, Engineer, UI Designer
Architect 2022

Designer / Artist
TWIN MONOLITH, LLC – Huntington Beach, CA1999 – Present
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed custom web apps for CSULB.
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed custom UNIX platform “LAVA.”
  • Micro-Controller / C: Developed Lumativ LED hat kernel using Microchip microcontrollers.
  • Objective-C / C: Developed Lumativ LED hat iOS iPad simulator to test microcontroller code.
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed game services for ZombieBash video game.
  • WordPress: Customized dozens of websites using the WP platform.
  • ActionScript: Developed Time Warner video games for TVHead.
Sales Engineer
Silicon Core Technologies2018-2019
  • PHP: Created a custom calculator to estimate LED screen costs based on models and screen size.
  • PHP: Created a custom application to handle advanced fulfillment requests for all sales staff and manufacturing.
Co-Founder / 3D Artist / Video Editor
Eymerce, LLC. – Playa Vista, CA2016 – 2017
  • PHP / JQuery: Developed custom calculator for LED screen construction estimates.
  • Python / Blender 3D Animation: Created custom animations.
  • WordPress: Created company websites.
Designer / Artist
Zero G Games, Inc. – Huntington Beach, CA2005 – 2015
  • ActionScript: Developed custom platform for Yahoo Games.
  • ActionScript: Developed front-end platform for Atari
  • ActionScript / LAMP / Hardware: Designed and architected online music studio for LL Cool J.
  • ActionScript: Programmed several causal games for various clients.
Director of Front End Development / Artist / Game Designer
Electronic Arts – Redwood Shores, CA1999 – 2002
  • Java / JSP / ORACLE: Chief architect of
  • JavaScript: Developed several JavaScript front-end components for
  • Java / JSP: Developed JSP website for Earth & Beyond MMO for Westwood Studios.
  • SQL: Refined bug database reporting system for all QA members.
  • Designed custom CMS tools for to handle multiple brand publishing.
  • Taught several Internet programming courses.
Sr. Engineer
Talk City / Liveworld1997 – 1999
  • Perl: Created wizards that generated Java applet rooms for chat services.
  • Perl: Created custom forums for customers using thread-based design.
  • Perl: Created a custom Personal Ad system for clients.
Sr. Engineer
Blyth Software, Inc.1995 – 1997
  • Created the first internet-enabled plugins:
  • Web server using TCP-based socket management system.
  • Web client API that queried a number of existing scripts to mine data into existing database applications.
  • Full email application with enclosures using POP3 protocol.
  • Full FTP application identical to today’s Panic Transmit.
  • Created code tutorial application “Sourcerer” that educated developers on how to use the OMNIS database package through a tutorial interface with immediate sample code that could be cut and pasted into an existing application.
  • Created the call-tracking database used in the Technical Support department called IGOR.
  • Taught UI class to corporate clients.
Database Developer
Raytheon1994 – 1995
  • Developed ISO-9000 factory floor database
Database Engineer
Syntex / Rouche Pharmaceutical1993 – 1994
  • Developed drug inception application for master chemists to speed up drug development and these clinical studies schedules.
  • Developed Clinical Studies application with large team of coders.
Founder / Engineer
STIMULUS Software1993-1997
  • Created GUI Designer product for fortune 1000 database clients.
  • Allowed developers to centralize all UI standards.
  • Allowed a database engineer all their window interfaces with a single click of a button.
  • The product handled text label and field alignment as well as 3D grouting and button icon placement including color assignments.
Sr. Tech Support Rep
Blyth Software1991 – 1993
  • Handled senior clients to assist in developing high-end solutions.
  • Developed a call-tracking database that eventually evolved into IGOR.
  • Developed cutting-edge innovations using the first BETAs of QuickTime for trade show presentations.
  • Taught UI class to corporate clients.
Sr. Engineer
SoftView, Inc.1987 – 1991
  • Fifth developer on what is now known as TurboTax.
  • Joined as Tech Support representative.
  • Within three months, migrated to form development in custom language.
  • Illustrated all printer and screen fonts.
  • Illustrated product icons.
  • Developed first prototype of what is now known as the EasyStep tax interview process.