Robert Llewellyn: it2i2 Film Project

For years I worked with the incredible Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf. He and I struck up a great friendship which led to many projects. One such project was our second DVD release it2i2, “It Thinks Therefore It Is.” Robert had written a comedy that was filmed in the UK. Having worked with him on WomanWizard, we worked together to refine the script and develop special effects. I was privileged to contribute to the script and create the special effects and the DVD artwork. The project was a resounding success with all the Red Dwarf fans and was released under production companies Shoulder Chip Productions, TWIN MONOLITH, and distributed by 2 Entertainment.

My Roles:

  • Developed special effects
  • Added additional writing
  • Created DVD menu artwork
  • Created film trailers
  • Created website