Mark Lowe Resume 2019

Executive / Producer

My experience with management includes guiding and mentoring small teams of developers and eventually entire departments of producers, artists, and engineers. Thriving cultures built from company visions and great career paths keep my employees excited to come to work. Ensuring that employees see their life goals within the company’s needs is my underlying focus.

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Web Developer

Creating products previously thought impossible is one of my core loves. When architecting either a front-end or back-end solution, my goal is to ensure that the development pipeline is scalable, sustainable, and cost effective for my employer. Big or small, all projects have challenges that are rewarding. Integrating a company’s long-term goals and seeing them come to light fuels any team I work with.

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UX/UI / Artist

Designing interfaces is one of my favorite experiences. Collaborating with a client to realize not only the functional goal of a product but the emotional feedback the client desires for the tool is my overall goal on any project. Information architecture and cutting edge UX/UI design is one of my loves. As new devices emerge, I enjoy the challenge of migrating tools wherever possible.

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