Executive / Management Resume

My management and executive experience began with a very small group of engineers and migrated steadily over time into founding and running my own companies. I’ve been privileged to work with some of the most amazing folks who taught me how to engage employees and incorporate their desires into the company’s objectives. My style is a results-driven model that focuses on processes that get the job done on time and on budget. If you are in need of any level of management or executive support within your organization, please click over to my Executive / Management resume for details.

  • Familiar with all forms of creating new start-ups including funding, allocating stock options, and hiring into those organizations
  • Absolutely love mentoring and educating employees and aligning their internal goals with the company’s overall objectives
  • Enjoy being hands-on when needed
  • No position is too small to excite me

Architect / Engineer Resume

From the age of 12, I was bitten by the coding bug. I immediately dove into engineering in as many languages as I could. I developed both business applications and video games simultaneously. I was fortunate to learn database engineering prior to Internet coding which has made my current career possible. With my background in video games, I was able to contribute MMO game design the second the technology was available. If you are in need of engineering talent, please see my Architect / Engineering resume.

  • Specialize in Internet-related solutions
    • Online video games
    • Custom web applications
    • Online mobile apps

Designer / Artwork Resume

I’ve been an artist since a very young age and migrated my skills from traditional sketch and painting into digital arts. I’ve worked in digital media on numerous projects of all kinds. From video games to user interfaces to websites to logos I love creating designs that move people. I’ve been extremely privileged to work under Syd Mead since 1999. Syd has taught me the process of not only designing objects and things but to insert them into meaningful scenarios that tell a story. If you are in need of a designer or artist, please see my Designer / Artist resume.

  • Specialize in all forms of digital artwork with an emphasis in game, web, logo, and print design
  • Have significant skills in 3D modeling / texturing within Blender 3D
  • Enjoy creating storyboards and character designs for both video games and screenplay concepts