Back in 2009 to 2010, I led an effort at my game company to create an online music studio with LL Cool J called BoomDizzle. As part of my responsibilities, I used a collection of musical software interfaces to create

This is a final logo for the GoForth Landscaping company. I was contacted by the client who's last name is Forth. We were able to incorporate both his surname and the overall charter of the company into the final concept.

As part of the Stadeon Game Theater experience, we chose to create an arcade distribution model that required unique cards loaded with playtime. This is a concept rendering of what the various levels would look like.

During a routine project with Marvel Entertainment, we had an artist struggle with his task of drawing the video game we had designed. In order to keep the project on schedule, I stepped in an did both games and delivered

I was approached by a production company to edit some photography where the makeup artist and the actors failed to capture the true nature of the film actors. In this promo, I edited the expression and overall makeup of the

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