I have lectured at several universities and businesses over the past 20 years. My material immediately engages real-world operating knowledge and current trends. All materials are designed to give a person techniques of how something works verses common understanding. Some of the universities where I have spoken at include: Berkeley, Irvine, Chapman, and Gnomon.

How To Get Into The Video Game Business

This lecture covers the educational tracks and entry points of joining the video game industry. It also dispels myths about roles such as Game Designer. Each position is reviewed in detail as its crucial role in the industry. In the event someone has the skill set to join the industry at a more advanced level, this lecture helps that individual understand areas they may have overlooked, and supplements their knowledge accordingly.

Video Game Pipelines

This lecture covers the production pipelines required to create videos game within the financial and scheduling constraints allowable. Pipelines are divided into two categories: Platform and game genre. This lecture covers the standard pipeline for mobile, console, and pc gaming. It also covers the game genres of casual, action, simulation, adventure, and the methods used to move those genres into massive multiple player or MMO releases.

Video Games In Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

This lecture covers the evolution of gaming into virtual reality or VR. With this new platform comes new methods. We cover how to best tell a story within a 360 degree format. We cover what is important to the player, and what is annoying to the player. It also covers the emerging companies that are succeeding, and gives the audience the ability create money making experiences from this evolutionary format.

The course also covers the reemerging experience of augmented reality or AR. With games like Pokeman Go taking the world by storm, the opportunities are vast. We review traditional game designs to open up the mind for AR integration.

The Chemistry Of Gaming

This lecture is a deep dive into the world of chemical neurology as it relates to the human mind reacting to story, visual and audio input. Through analyzing adrenaline and dopamine and the characteristics of how they behave, we are able to control these chemicals in the mind as the game story unfolds.

This course is good for more than simply gaming. The audience will come away with a deep understanding of how their mind takes in information on a second-to-second basis. Once mastered, anyone telling a story will have full reign over the human mind.

Starting A Video Game Company

This lecture takes the audience through the creation of a successful video game business. We cover the essential ingredients of what critical mass must be achieved before forming large teams, purchasing office space, providing benefits, and where to go to find more work.

We also cover the does and don’ts when selecting partners, incorporating, raising capital, and the overall daily cycles related to developing a healthy culture that will feed great game design and creation.

How To Shoot Virtual Reality Content

This lecture takes a deep dive into the do’s and don’ts of creating immersive virtual reality or VR content. We start by analyzing traditional film techniques and compare each tried and true method with VR set design, storytelling, and post-production cycles. We cover the cameras, the composite software, and the limitations of each.

Included is a full review of low-end VR 360 cameras up to the Nokia Ozo, and Jaunt One systems.