• Architect & Engineer
    Architect & Engineer

Architect / Engineer

I enjoy both architecture and development of all kinds. I have a solid background in core languages from C/C++ as well as advanced Internet tools. I routinely challenge myself in different areas of expertise to ensure my skills stay sharp and that refinements in one architecture are duplicated where possible in older platforms. My background is in designing, architecting, and engineering products that supply my employers with their core source of revenue.


1999 – Present

Huntington Beach, CA
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed custom web apps for CSULB.
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed custom UNIX platform “LAVA.”
  • Micro-Controller / C: Developed Lumativ LED hat kernel using Microchip micro controllers.
  • Objective-C / C: Developed Lumativ LED hat iOS iPad simulator to test micro controller code.
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed game services for ZombieBash video game.
  • WordPress: Customized dozens of websites using WP platform.
  • ActionScript: Developed Time Warner video games for TVHead.
Eymerce, LLC.

2016 – 2017

Playa Vista, CA
  • PHP / JQuery: Developed custom calculator for LED screen construction estimates.
  • Python / Blender 3D Animation: Created custom animations.
  • WordPress: Created company websites.
Engineer - Zero G Games, Inc.

2004 – 2015

Huntington Beach, CA
  • ActionScript: Developed custom platform for Yahoo Games.
  • ActionScript: Developed front-end platform for Atari Games.com.
  • ActionScript / LAMP / Hardware: Designed and architected online music studio for LL Cool J.
  • ActionScript: Programmed several causal games for various clients.

2002 – 2004

Huntington Beach, CA
  • ActionScript: Managed three-man team to replace Atari’s Games.com.
  • ActionScript: Developed HBO “Big Pussy Poker” for the Sopranos franchise.
  • Perl / Apache: Developed custom RAD platform for codeless application development.
Engineer - Electronic Arts

1993 - 2002

Redwood Shores, CA
  • Java / JSP / ORACLE: Chief architect of EA.com.
  • JavaScript: Developed several JavaScript front-end components for EA.com.
  • Java / JSP: Developed JSP website for Earth & Beyond MMO for Westwood studios.
  • SQL: Refined bug database reporting system for all QA members.
  • Designed custom CMS tools for EA.com to handle multiple brand publishing.
  • Taught several Internet programming courses.
Sr. Engineer - Talk City / LiveWorld

1997 - 1999

Campbell CA
  • Perl: Developed custom chat room creation tool.
  • Perl: Developed custom discussion board / want ad engine.
  • HTML / JavaScript: Engineered several high-end websites.