Architect / Engineer Resume


As an architect, I approach all development design from three practical metrics: Overall performance, ease of use, ease of maintainability. All religions, beliefs, and previous loyalties are reset each project to ensure the best possible combination of these factors.


As the industry continually labors to rebuild wheel after wheel, the religions of how this is best done have divided the community into groups. My approach is to look at the problem being solved, and start from the most versatile cost effective platform choice, and build in complexity where needed. My architectural approach organizes classes into logical groupings based on the overall design, and how we as developers discuss the modules. Very cautious about rushing into early adoption that will drive up labor costs, and delay development. Less is more is my overall approach.

Architect, Engineer, UI Designer

1999 – Present

Huntington Beach, CA
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed custom solutions for CSULB HR divisions
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed custom UNIX platform “Glass”
  • Micro-Controller / C: Developed Lumativ LED hat kernel using Microchip micro controllers
  • Objective-C: Developed Lumativ LED hat iOS iPad simulator
  • LAMP / JQuery: Developed game services for ZombieBash video game
  • ActionScript: Developed Time Warner video games for TVHead
Engineer - Zero G Games, Inc.

2004 – 2013

Huntington Beach, CA
  • ActionScript: Developed custom platform for Yahoo Games
  • ActionScript: Developed front-end platform for Atari
  • ActionScript / LAMP / Hardware: Designed and architected online music studio for LL Cool J
  • ActionScript: Programmed several causal games for various clients
Engineer - Electronic Arts

1993 - 2002

Redwood Shores, CA
  • Java / JSP: Architected MMO community game platform
  • JavaScript: Developed several JavaScript front-end components for
  • Java / JSP: Developed JSP website for Earth & Beyond MMO for Westwood studios
  • OMNIS / SQL: Refined bug database reporting system for all QA members
  • Designed custom CMS tools for to handle multiple brand publishing
  • Alpha and Beta tested Ultima Online MMO starting in 1994 -1998
  • Tested most titles released from “High Score” division from 1994 -1999
  • Taught several Internet programming courses
Sr. Engineer - Talk City / LiveWorld

1997 - 1999

  • Perl: Developed custom chat room creation tool
  • Perl: Developed custom discussion board / want ad engine
  • HTML / JavaScript: Engineered several high-end web sites
Engineer - Consultant

1993 - 1995

Palo Alto, CA
  • OMNIS / Oracle: Developed custom drug inception application for master chemists at Syntex
  • OMNIS / Oracle: Aided in developing clinical drug testing application for Syntex
  • Worked for Competitive Media company rescuing the product AdTelligence
    • Reduced app size by 40%
    • Added several new features
    • Generated $30 million breaking the all time revenue records
Sr. Engineer - Blyth / OMNIS Software

1991 - 1993 / 1995-1997

Foster City, CA
  • OMNIS / SQL: Created first Internet tool suite for OMNIS database product
    • Email Package, FTP Client, Web Server, Web Client, CMS, Ad Server
  • OMNIS / SQL: Developed customer resource library for OMNIS customers
  • OMNIS / SQL: Developed internal call tracking software to run Technical Support
Engineer - Softview / Intuit

1987 - 1991

Camarillo, CA
  • Assembly: Developed several areas of what is now known as TurboTax
    • State forms
    • Core federal forms
  • Acted as assistant to the VP of R&D for the last year
  • Submitted initial design of EasyStep™ feature
  • Supported the conversation to the Apple IIGS using Pascal source base