I have a very unique background in many disciplines. I have invested in my talents over the years that have resulted in at least three core areas. Below are the links to resumes that best highlight my experience and qualifications.

Here is a brief overview timeline of my major companies of employment and entrepreneurship.

March 2016 - Present

CTO, Eymerce LLC

We are inventing the future of immersive entertainment.

virtual reality, vr
2010 - 2015

CEO, HiRez Games, Inc.

Created game company focusing on mobile game development. Created and released ZombieBash over Facebook, iOS, and Android. This game allowed players to compete head-to-head over any platform in a hilarious circa 1950s post apocalypse zombie era.
Artist, Database, Designer, Engineer, Management
2005 - 2015

CEO, Zero G Games, Inc.

Zero G Games was founded during the internet web browser gaming craze. Having recently left Electronic Arts, we found ourselves with an emerging market, and very few rushing in to dominate. Zero G ported more MMO casual gaming platforms than any other company grossing over $6 million. Our clients included EA's, Yahoo! Games, Atari, Ty Toys, Disney, Marvel, LL Cool J, iWin and many more. We expanded into two offices in both Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, CA. Our staff expanded to over 30 employees not including outside game development houses we supported. My personal role was that of CEO and CTO. I handled virtually all of the negotiations, and contributed a significant portion of project overall architecture and design.
Artist, Database, Designer, Engineer, Management
1999 - 2002

Director, Electronic Arts

My work at Electronic Arts actually started in 1993 where I became a database programmer for internal QA in the High Score division under Michael Pole. I quickly added my contribution to game testing and eventually design. I eventually was hired full-time to lead a group of web developers, and quickly rose to Director within the year managing a 55-man team and two additional departments of editorial and design for As Director, I was able to contribute the overall architecture for that was being built into a $300 million online gaming platform. During that time, I negotiated several deals between AOL, Pepsi, and other fortune 1000 partners that wanted to use EA as a cross-promotional platform for their products. I was also able to leverage my friendship with Steve Jobs to bring Apple and EA together, which resulted in a two-year negotiation. I received the first dotcom award for Management. Before my exit in 2002, I reengineered the web department and increased overall revenue from online sales from $800k annually to over $3 million annually. I also worked on a number of individual game franchises including several of the first MMOs in history including Ultimate Online, Sim City Online, Motor City Online, and Earth and Beyond.
architecture, design, director, manager, mmo, qa, testing
Artist, Database, Designer, Engineer, Management
1999 - Present


Founded to handle a variety of incoming work from web development, to artwork, to eventually handling film and writing projects. My strong background in screenwriting, and overall film development life cycles has resulted in a number of productions.
Artist, Database, Designer, Engineer, Management

Musician & Sound Effects, EA

Create music for Knock Out Kings 1998. Went on to create sound effects packages for a number of GameBoy Advanced games: Madden, Toy Soldiers, and others.
Musician, Sound Effects

Sr. Engineer, Talk City

Joined as a traditional "webmaster" and tasked with both creating high-end websites using both traditional Photoshop and 3D software. In addition, I engineered a number of custom solutions for automating the creation of publishing systems, chatrooms, forum, and want ad tools.
art, chatrooms, design, engineering, forums, perl, want ad
Artist, Designer, Engineer
1993 - 1996


Founded STIMULUS to create a product called GUI Designer that was marketed to fortune 1000 companies to handle interface standards. This application allowed gui database developers to unify their interface designs at the click of a button. Included were AI functions to handle alignment of fields and labels, icon to button assignments, 3D effects, and overall window size.
Database, Designer, Engineer, Management
1993 - 1995

Private Consultant

Worked on a number of projects including sole designer and engineer of a drug inception package for Syntex Pharmaceutical to help lead scientists conceive and track the development of a drug design through to release. I also worked on ISO 9000 Raytheon systems to assist in manufacturing automation.
database, omnis, oracle
Database, Engineer
1991 - 1993 / 1995 - 1997

Sr. Engineer, OMNIS Software

Joined as a technical support representative taking calls from database engineers using the OMNIS product. Very quickly became an internal engineer developing the company's call tracking, QA, and internet package software. I left for two years to become a private consultant and later returned to become their Senior Engineer and Manager of a small internet group that created several web packages from scratch including an email, ftp, web server, and web client package. I also presented annually at database conventions across the country.
database, engineering, web
Artist, Database, Engineer, Management
1990 - 1991

Video Game Artist Designer

Designed and illustrated original game Mutant Warriors. We sold the game to Virgin MasterTronics. 
Artist, Designer
1989 - 1990

Video Game Artist, Atomic

Designed and illustrated video game tile and sprite are for RoboWars, Time Rifts, and Enchanted Lands. Atomic was a subsidiary of Activision Entertainment.
Artist, Designer
1987 - 1989 / 1990 - 1991

Engineer, Softview / Intuit

Helped design and develop TurboTax for SoftView, Inc. under the name MacInTax and TaxView. Programmed state tax packages, the IIGS release, and submitted the initial design of what is now known as EasyStep.
Artist, Designer, Engineer, Management