Syd MeadFurturist Designer - Blade Runner, TRON, Aliens, Star Trek The Motion Picture
Mark has been an invaluable colleague for technical advice on both hardware and software for my design business. Mark has a keen sense of graphical design as translated into electronic formats. He is a personal friend who I admire as an innovative entrepreneur and a highly appreciated advisor and consultant. I would unconditionally recommend Mark as a valued part of any team with advancing the forward boundaries of game technology and design in addition to being able to discuss corporate strategies and conversing in his distinct, literate style.
Robert LlewellynActor, Comedian, Writer
I had been running a fairly popular website for some years before I met Mark. It was roughly maintained with the help of some dedicated friends and I managed to make it work well enough. However, when Mark took the page under their wing the whole experience was transformed. The lean design which loads up in seconds, the updates done in a blink, the increased popularity and the ease with which I can interact with Mark have made the experience of running the page a joy. Add to that the number of people who have said to me, either directly or via e-mail and guestbook, ‘Hey, I love your page!’ is truly surprising. Mark has a natural flair, an infectious enthusiasm and really clever ideas. Basically, I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Jason CheinFounder, Bit Toys Inc.
Approachable and knowledgeable. Mark is the center of wisdom of the group he manages. Like Yoda, Mark shows you the way that is most often hidden from you. A great inspirational leader.
Bill SchepplerMarketing Blockbuster Interactive Entertainment
A multi-skilled leader, Mark's talents were recognized and utilized across the board during EA's leap into the online market. His rare combination of technical expertise and business savvy impressed his execs and inspired his teams.
Adriano ParrottaProducer at Ganz
Mark is a good person to work with in the games industry. Collaborating with Mark in getting games to market has been a wonderful experience, and his knowledge of the industry is welcome. To work with someone at this level of professionalism and diligence has been great.
Adam JohnstonCreative Director at Bamtang Games
We've done a few projects with Mark and his team and we're very happy. He pulls together some great professionals and has proven to be honest and supportive. Thanks Mark!
Marc KenigData Analytics Architect at IBM
Mark is enthusiastic, exceptionally bright, clever and is able to grasp concepts and new ideas very quickly. He has a keen entreprenurial spirit and does well when challenged and is very supportive. I enjoyed managing and being Mark's colleague.
Mark MullinArchitect & Team Lead
Mark was instrumental in my success at Softview. He coordinated a whirlwind of activities in the development of the Softview/Turbotax Macintosh and Windows platforms, and filled in wherever he was needed. He is also an extraordinary artist and teacher, I still use elements of what he taught me in my work today. This mixture of artistic and practical skills is very rare, and very valuable.